Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Destructo Twins

Seriously, they're tricksy and smart. S2 can open baby gates, and doors, and drawers of all kinds. It's getting to the point that all I do all day is sit in the living room floor and run interference. So, I'm going to try and rearrange the living room to make it even more baby friendly. I'll move all of the important stuff (diaper dresser and storage bins) behind the couch, and put all of their toys in the main area of the living room. Hopefully this will mean less of the "No don't eat my breast pads!" statements, and more of them playing however they want to. I think I'll move the shoes behind the couch too so that they can stay in one place more easily.

Still no walking in sight for S2. Maybe by the time she's 2? She can get down the stairs safely now, so that's something.

Also have to S2-proof the girls room, since all three girls are sharing a room now. When I went to get S2 this morning, her face was purple. I have NO idea what she got in to, but I'm not a big fan of waking up to a multi-colored baby.

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