Friday, February 01, 2008

Pay It Forward Indeed

You know that old saying that what you give out comes back to you tenfold? We got major proof of that today.

When I got the mail this afternoon, there was a typed envelope addressed to B and I, and inside was a typed letter that say, "To B and S with love." Folded in the letter was $100 cash.

After the tears stopped, I called B to let him know.

I can not tell you how deeply this touched us. This simple act of generosity, which may be minor to some, was huge to us. It means two full tanks of gas. It also means that we have an "extra" $100 this week to put in the "get S's car fixed" fund, or the "pay off our medical bills" fund, or or or....

So, thank you, whoever you are. You touched us more than you know.

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