Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little update

Midterms are over, and I'm still carrying As in all of my classes, which is a huge relief! I've got my courses planned for the next semester. I have to take a placement test this afternoon to see if I can get in to one of the classes, so fingers crossed for that!

All the kids are doing great. Torah and Doodle just finished 8 weeks of gymnastics classes and had a blast. Doodle doesn't want to continue with gymnastics, but Torah does. Dahdoo can do a somersault all by herself and is almost able to do a bridge by herself, so come January we'll sign Torah and Dahdoo up for gymnastics again and Doodle will start karate two nights a week. She's been wanting to do karate for about 2 1/2 years now, so it's about time! She's been so patient about it. I can't wait to see how much she learns!

Jax is about a week behind Dahdoo in learning new skills. With the exception of potty-training (why did that one have to be the exception?!) he learns things about a week after she does. He too can do a somersault all by himself, so maybe he'll be starting gymnastics next winter? Right now he would only be able to attend a mommy-and-me class, but since mommy is in school during the day next semester (night classes are kicking our collective butts) that's not gonna be feasible.

Dahdoo and Jax will be entering preschool in January. I'm a little sad about it, because I've had so much fun getting to be home with them for the last 2 1/2 years, but honestly I'm really excited for them. They're both like sponges and learn so much just by being exposed to new things that I think they'll really have a great time at school. Plus, it gives me uninterrupted study time which is going to be crucial as my courses get more complex. This semester was "easy" in comparison to what's down the road for me!

B's new job is going really well. He seems to really enjoy it, and thankfully the recession hasn't seemed to hit his job market, a fact for which we are eternally grateful.

And we're moving! It's official this time. We've put in the deposit, have the counter-signed lease, and are moving in to our new home on 11/30. It can't come soon enough, as I sit here in a frigid living room that I can't weatherize because we'd have to take it all down in 4 weeks. This house, the older it's gotten (we've been here two years) has turned in to somewhat of a lemon. The windows don't close all the way unless you slam them, there are drafts from EVERY door and window in the house, the paint dissolves when you try and clean the's just a mess. Our new house is only 9 years old, and has hardwood floors, a huge back deck, 5BR, 3BA, a full basement (which we'll finish after we buy the house) a single garage, almost 3/4 acre yard with swingset and fence, and an outbuilding that is wired for cable, phone and electricity and will be B's home office. There have been many days where he could have come home to work but didn't have a quiet place to go so he ended up sitting at Panera Bread for several hours. Now he can come home! The best part is that we'll only be about 4 miles from B's x, so we'll be able to see Torah and Doodle more (now it'll be 50/50!) and be there should anything happen and his x needs help with the girls.

In a sad turn of events, please keep our church family in your thoughts for a while. We lost a teenager this weekend, who didn't think he had anyone to care for him. His mother is absolutely devastated and it has rocked our church community to the core. His funeral is tomorrow. Jacob, you will be sorely missed and were deeply loved. RIP, sweet boy.

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