Friday, March 14, 2008

Boring boring

Well, not really. :)

We've been busy busy busy. Trying to get the house ready to show so that we can theoretically move. Our lease isn't up until December, but if we can find someone to rent our house, then we can transfer our lease to another property run by the same management company we're with now. They have several houses that would suit our family much better. This house has been fine, but it's technically a three bedroom, so Tora and Doodle are sharing a room, Dahdoo is in the mini spare room over the garage, and Jax is in the office which means that B has no decompression time in the evenings. Jax goes to bed between 7 and 8 now, which means B can't get in "his" room after that.

So, we're looking for a 4BR with a basement so that we can put the playroom and all of the girls art supplies and games downstairs. In a perfect world, we'd like a 5BR, but we're not holding our breath. There's one house that the rental agency has right now that fits the 5BR bill, so I'm working as furiously as possible to get the house ready to show ASAP. Wish us luck!

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