Saturday, March 08, 2008


Last Sunday we went to Uncle K and Aunt B's house to have a joint b-day party for Uncle K and Jax. We had so much fun!

***And let me just take a moment and say that I am SOOOOOOO excited that I'm going to be an Aunt (again) in just a few months! B looks amazing, and gorgeous (as usual) and I am so incredibly thrilled for her and K. They're going to be phenomenal parents, and their little bean is already so loved by his/her Aunt S and Uncle B, and all the cousins!***

So parents and brother drove down for the party, and mom brought absolutely delish chocolate cupcakes made with Guinness. Really yummy.

Not much else has been going on here. Oh, except that we're moving. Guess that's something, eh? I'm trying to get the house ready to show in the next few weeks so that we can find a house that's better suited to our family's needs. This house has been fine, but there's a LOT of wasted space (the bedrooms are unnecessarily huge for one) and no storage or play space to speak of. B doesn't mind it, but I'd rather not keep all the toys in the living room, you know? It'd be nice for the kids to have a basement (or an attic like in our last house) to go play in during inclement weather where they're not going to wake up any sleeping siblings. The management company we're renting from now has a few single family home - we'd prefer to get away from a townhouse - that sounds like they'd fit us better. The sooner I get the house ready to show, the better, because as soon as it's done we can hopefully find a new renter so that we can transfer our lease and move. Wish us luck!

And here are pictures from last week of the whole crew (minus B...he hid from the camera for some reason).

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