Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 is Rough

Dahdoo is almost 2. She went through a tantrum phase about a year ago, but as soon as she started signing regularly and speaking more, they died down tremendously. Now we've started with the whining. Oh, the whining. Everything that comes out of her mouth is in a whiny voice. I told B last night, after we'd been listening to her whine/yell at us while we ate our dinner, "If you've ever wondered why I'm mildly frazzled when you get home at night, there's your answer!" 10 minutes with that and he was starting to twitch.

I know we have it easy compared to many families, and it honestly wouldn't be as bad if it didn't effect the other three kids so much. If she was my only child I could manage just fine, but when she gets in to whine mode all the other kids feed off of it. It's really amazing to see. Jax starts crying and frantically crawls up in to my arms, Doodle and Tora start whining's just a mess.

We've been working with her to say words without whining, but how do you explain to a not even 2 year old that Mommy can not stand that tone of voice? You can't.

I'll be glad when this phase passes.


Mary Carol said...

Maybe 36 hours or so of complete and total undivided attention from Mamaw and Papaw this weekend will help. But don't blame us if it doesn't!

n said...

I can not imagine how tough your job is. Although, I am not a mother. I hope this is just a stage. I wish you the best of luck with this battle!!! Thanks for posting, I really felt your frustration.