Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Bear Family in the News!

On Sunday in church, our pastor gave away $6000. We were each handed an envelope with contents ranging from $5-$1000 and told to do something to personally impact someone else's life.

I got $20, and while grocery shopping came across someone who needed it.

Our local NBC affiliate picked up the story, and then it got out "on the wire" as they say and was picked up by the Associated Press, so our local Fox affiliate ran the story tonight. I got a call at 11 this morning, asking if I could be at church (a local movie theater) at noon to be interviewed. Sure! Off I went, with babies in tow. B met me there, as he was killing time between meetings, and entertained the babes while I talked to the reporter.

They got a nice closeup of Dahdoo, dontcha think? Those eyes, man...
Here's the story.

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